Exorcising Angels (2003)
A novella and stories by Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon

Cover art by Edward Miller

Introduction and afterword by Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon

2004 Tombstone Award Winner

Optioned for film!

SYNOPSIS: During the London Blitz, a veteran from World War One goes in search of the author Arthur Machen. He has some questions to ask Machen...

"What did I really see in the trenches?"

"Were those angels?"

"Who am I?"

The answers, when they come, challenge everything he has ever believed to be true.

EXORCISING ANGELS, an original horror novella, is the first major collaboration between Tim Lebbon and Simon Clark. Join two modern masters of horror as they celebrate an early master of the genre and one of their literary heroes, Arthur Machen. In addition to the collaboratively written tale are two original stories - one by each author - using themes found in Machen's work that have been stunningly brought into the 21st century. Finally, to round out the book, Simon and Tim have written and Introduction and Afterword. A unique and thrilling project by two of the genre's hottest talents! Wraparound full color dustjacket art by Edward Miller.

Available in two limited edition states:

750 numbered hardcovers, signed by Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon $35
26 lettered, leatherbound, traycased hardcovers, signed by Simon Clark, Tim Lebbon, and Edward Miller


"Truly immersive; a wonderful piece of history-inspired fiction. The title novella alone is worth the price of admission. And as is to be expected from Earthling Publications, the book's production values are top notch."

"[EXORCISING ANGELS] is gripping and imaginative. Clark and Lebbon explore the power of stories that pass from fiction, to myth, to truth. Their styles mesh so well you'll never be able to guess which author wrote which parts. Without a doubt, Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon are the two most exciting horror writers to emerge from the United Kingdom since Clive Barker."
— Garrett Peck

"A major triumph ...[it] admirably retains Machen's sense of dark revelation and mystical transcendence ... a piece that is sure to earn both authors the support and acclaim of readers appreciative of dark miracles."

Congrats to contest winner Stephen Clark who won a one-of-a-kind set of printer's proofs for ANGELS.