Rolling Darkness Revue 2007 (anthology) (2007)
Stories by Peter Atkins, Dennis Etchison, and Glen Hirshberg.

Cover art by Jonas Yip and Deena Warner

The third year Earthling has produced a book to coincide with RDR's tour, and this year we're doing something a bit different. This year's book contains one story by each of the original RDR members — original tales by Peter Atkins and Glen Hirshberg and a reprinted story by Dennis Etchison. Each tale has an original illustration by Deena Warner. And for to give readers a better glimpse into the actual RDR show, a framing tale/script in four parts, written by Atkins and Hirshberg, is included. It's about the closest thing to being there yourself!

Perfectbound softcover signed by Hirshberg, Atkins, Etchison, Yip, and Warner on a special attached bookplate; only 75 copies available through Earthling’s site, $15.


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