Rolling Darkness Revue 2009  

Rolling Darkness Revue 2009 (anthology) (2009)
Stories by Peter Atkins, Barbara Roden, and Glen Hirshberg.

Cover art by Deena Warner

This year's (very) limited edition RDR book is best explained by Glen Hirshberg and Pete Atkins:

"For this year's Rolling Darkness Revue we decided — slavish fans of the classical ghost story that we are — to mark the centenary of the death of the little-known (and, in our opinion, underrated) Edwardian writer Thomas St. John Bartlett. Having already found inspirational quotes amid the yellowing mimeographs of Bartlett's papers, which were kindly provided to us by the great Mike Ashley, we contacted the Bartlett family estate to obtain permission to publish them as epigraphs at the head of our own tales. Imagine our delight when Miss Amelia Cotsford, the granddaughter of Bartlett's sister and his last living relative, wrote back to us with an enthusiasm far beyond the merely gracious and all but demanded that we also include her Great-Uncle's story 'The Memory Pool'. We had been ignorant of the recent discovery of a complete version of the story (see Barbara Roden's introduction for more details), but were more than happy to comply. This year's guest writer, then, is none other than Mr. Bartlett himself and we hope a whole new generation of readers — or at least ghost story nerds like us — will be as thrilled as we are by his unexpected appearance here from beyond the grave."

Several pieces of Barlett ephemera, an introduction by Roden, the lost manuscript by Barlett, and stories by Hirshberg and Atkins in honor of the great ghost story writer. 

75 copies, signed by Hirshberg, Atkins, and Roden, chapbook with glossy 4-color-printed cover, $15


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