Godhead Dying Downwards (2003)
A novella by Jeffrey Thomas

Cover and interior art by Richard Kirk

Introduction by Brian Keene

SYNOPSIS: Dark forces are at work in the seemingly placid countryside of Victorian England. As his church mysteriously burns and his friends die around him, Father Alec Venn catches a glimpse of a winged figure outside one of the stained glass windows. Venn's quest to reveal the source of the destruction will bring him face to face with ghosts, demons, and human evil. The boundary between life and death as well as the limits of faith are tested in this novella of the supernatural by Jeffrey Thomas.

Available in two limited edition states:

300 numbered softcover chapbooks, signed by Jeffrey Thomas


15 lettered, traycased hardcovers, signed by Jeffrey Thomas, Brian Keene, and Richard Kirk, and will include a bonus softcover chapbook housed within the traycase. This bonus chapbook will contain the story "The Red Spectacles" — the first and only other Father Venn tale — will feature original cover art by Richard Kirk (yep, new art just for these 15 copies!), and the chapbook will be signed by Thomas and have a letter matching the hardcover of GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS


Author Jeffrey Thomas and publisher Paul Miller: proud new parents of a lettered

"A powerful tale in no frills, staccato, that is as smooth to read as it is enthralling... [it] will haunt me forever. Five out of five stars."
— Horror-Web

"An ingenious and impeccably written tale filled with choice offerings of the sort relished by devotees of the English ghost story."
— Thomas Ligotti

"A strange and subtle tale, beautifully paced and powerfully told. Eerie, moving, and compelling."
— Michael Marshall Smith

"I was hooked from the start. Thomas has the ability to create a world of dark mystery and magic,draw you into it, and keep you there till the end. GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS is a real treat."
— Don D'Auria

"The moment you read the title of part one - 'The Sheep's Head' - you know you're in for a meaty treat. GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS is a disturbingly quaint, quaintly blasphemous, blasphemously delightful Victorian novella. Jeffrey Thomas has outdone himself!"
— Mark McLaughlin

"Readers will find remarkable empathy for Father Venn - for who among us has not searched for their purpose, has not longed for meaning and understanding? Jeffrey Thomas writes with poetic sincerity; GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS is a captivating and compelling work."
— Joe Nassise

"From the moment I was whisked off to Woodbury Fair with Father Venn into a rural freak tent to marvel at a particularly unpleasant sheep's head, I knew I had stumbled onto something special in GODHEAD DYING DOWNWARDS, an evocative new novella by stylist Jeffrey Thomas that breathes with dark magic and rustic overtones of a tradional folktale while tackling themes as cosmic in tone as the potentialities of evil and good in the human heart. The powers of its beautifully described nightmares
are not only potent but pertinent."
— William P. Simmons

CONGRATS to Terry Tidwell on winning the GODHEAD contest - he won a set of 3 bound galleys, including a signed limited edition galley (1 of 5 produced), and a special softcover signed by all contributors.