Bloodstained Neverland

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Bloodstained Neverland (2024)
A novella by Christopher Golden
and James A. Moore

Cover and interior art by Glenn Chadbourne



The final book in the BLOODSTAINED trilogy!

It's the Summer Of Love and there's something in the air. Children are coming from the skies, carried on wooden ships and broken dreams. The vampires aren't done with Gayle; they've only just begun. The Emerald Heart of Oz isn't the only source of mystical power in the world, but the Wizard of Oz still wants it and he'll have it regardless of the cost. San Francisco is the final battlefield between innocence and violence, and blood will flow and be consumed as Lost Boys, mermaids, and stranger things gather in a final conflict to seize the power to change this world and realms beyond our imagination.

500 numbered, Smyth-sewn hardcovers, signed by all contributors (note Jim's signature is a facsimile), $40

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15 lettered, smyth sewn, traycased hardcovers, both book and traycase completely hand made using the finest materials, silk ribbon page marker, signed by all contributors, $TBD Inquire about a Lettered