The Hellbound Heart cover
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The Hellbound Heart:
20th Anniversary Edition
A novella by
Clive Barker

Introduction by Peter Atkins
Introduction by Ashley Laurence
Cover and interior art by Clive Barker


SYNOPSIS: Clive Barker's classic novella that inspired the movie Hellraiser gets the deluxe treatment! For the first time since its publication 20 years ago in the collection NIGHT VISIONS 3, THE HELLBOUND HEART is released as a standalone hardcover edition.

Earthling's special edition features an introduction by Peter Atkins (writer of several Hellraiser movies), an introduction by Ashley Laurence (Kirsty of the Hellraiser movies), Barker’s early cenobite illustrations, and a new full-color cover by Barker. For horror fans who are new to this book or have read it before, this is the edition you must have.


THE HELLBOUND HEART will be released in the following editions:

Trade hardcover $30
250 numbered hardcovers, bound in leather and housed in a clothcovered slipcase, and signed by Clive Barker $100
26 lettered hardcovers, hand sewn, housed in a handmade traycase, book and traycase made with the finest materials, signed by Clive Barker, Peter Atkins, and Ashley Laurence, and includes a original sketch by Barker $650

Lettered Edition pictures

Lettered copies ready to ship!
Lettered copies ready to ship!

The book and traycase interior, with original art by Barker.
The book and traycase interior, with original art by Barker.

"A mind-blowing story more literary than 99% of the genre. Who else [but Barker] could skin a man, rip another apart, sit a cenobite on top of a pile of steaming organs and make a reader marvel at the manner in which he twists the language into beautiful sentences? Earthling’s 20th Anniversary Edition includes three extras that make the book worthy of purchasing, even if the reader cut his way through the story several times. With these goodies between the gorgeously demented covers (which Barker newly designed), one might feel as if he or she found something as valuable as the Lemarchand Configuration itself, but the pleasures enjoyed will not result in eternal damnation (I think). Recommended for both readers and collectors."
— Horror World