The Rise and Fall of Babylon (2003)
Stories by Brian Keene and John Urbancik

Cover art by Deena Warner

SYNOPSIS: In the deserts of the Middle East, the Cradle of Life, where civilization began, there has always been conflict. And there has always been magic and mystery, danger and demons. The djinns exist. Whether in modern Babylon, or a Babylon forgotten by time, passions run strong. Babylon rises from the sand, unexpected, to both entice and devour. And the sands fall from Babylon... Stare with Gabriel as Babylon rises from the pages of myth and history. March through Iraq with Don Bloom and the 3rd Infantry -- and into the remains of Eden. In these two original stories Brian Keene and John Urbancik explore THE RISE AND FALL OF BABYLON.

Two novellettes from these two new masters of dark fiction, presented in the old Ace Double-type format... the book has two covers, finish one tale, flip the chapbook over and read the other! Deena Warner has ingeniously created wraparound cover art that ties both stories together.

Available in two limited edition states:

400 numbered, softcover chapbooks, signed by Keene and Urbancik


15 lettered hardcovers, handbound in fine cloth and featuring French marbled endpapers, housed in a handcrafted slipcase, signed by Keene, Urbancik, and Deena Warner


***Note that all orders received through Earthling will be entered into a special contest for this title. Also: folks will receive the lowest numbers available at the time of ordering, and people ordering a lettered can request a particular letter.

The slipcased lettered edition, a handsewn book on fine interior paper, with marbled endsheets and an offset-printed dustjacket, housed in a handmade slipcase, book and slipcase covered with fine Japanese cloth.

"Urbancik presents a wonderfully crafted mix of magic, romance, horror, and fantasy in his strange but highly entertaining 'Babylon Rising'... and if the war in Iraq wasn't fearful enough for you, Keene cranks it up a notch in 'Baylon Falling.' This Siamese twin of a chapbook will give you a small sample of two very talented writers."

"Both stories were very enjoyable and were much better than the majority of horror stories currently available. With a beautiful wraparound cover by Deena Warner and great presentation from Earthling, the book is no doubt worth $11."