El Dia De Los Muertos (2002)
A novella by Brian A. Hopkins

Afterword by Brian A. Hopkins

Cover art by John Picacio

2002 Bram Stoker Award Winner

Locus Magazine 2002 Recommended Read

2002 International Horror Guild Award nominee

SYNOPSIS: Just outside of Mexico City is the market Iztapalapa and a hill where every 52 years the Aztecs once performed their New Fire Ceremony. The ancient rites haven't been enacted for hundreds of years ... but this year, on the Day of the Dead, archeologist Richard Bennington will awaken the old Aztec gods in an attempt to save his marriage by resurrecting the daughter he lost in an earthquake. What Bennington has forgotten, however, is that neither gods nor man can be trusted. Just how far will he go to recapture what he's lost? In this original novella, join award-winning author Brian A. Hopkins as he examines the manipulation of Fate and the preservation of all that we hold dear. Also included are several appendices touching on subjects covered in the book, and an afterword by the author.

Available in two states:

500 numbered hardcovers signed by the author $30
15 lettered, leatherbound, traycased hardcovers signed by the author and artist


A book that scares even its author!

The lettered edition, housed in a black leather-covered traycase with special gold stamping to front, and a satin ribbon to assist in lifting out the book.

"Tight, crisp, and fast, with not a word wasted ... the best novella to ever cross my desk. As soon as I was finished, I wanted instantly to reread it. This is one story that has stuck with me long after I was done compulsively turning the pages; a full week after finishing it, I am still in awe."

"EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS by Brian A. Hopkins is one of those reads where once you finish the last page, you start the story again to enjoy the book on a deeper level. It is that good."
— CNN.com (Read the full review.)

"A small masterpiece, a novella with tremendous emotional depth, an atmospheric tale of loss and all the wrong paths to redemption. This is one of the best dark fantasies of the year, in a beautiful hardcover edition, well worth the effort of tracking down."
— Tim Pratt, LOCUS Magazine

"Wow. That just about sums up my reaction to this novella. It's hard to put into words, but the effect it has on you is nothing short of tackling an emotional assault course. As for the book itself, Earthling's production values are tremendous ... it'll be a hugely collectible item in years to come: trust me. EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is, without a doubt, one of the best stories I've ever read. Very highly recommended."

"A powerful, serious, and excellent piece of work."
— Ed Gorman

"A searing journey into the mythic soul of Mexico and the intolerable heart of loss."
— James Morrow

"One of the most intriguing, atmospheric, and compelling novellas you'll ever read."
— Gary A. Braunbeck

"An unforgettable journey into the heart and past of Mexico."
— Steve Rasnic Tem

"Hopkins, a master of terror, is at the top of his form with this one."
— Jack McDevitt

"A powerful story, and one that won't leave you quickly, or easily."
— David Niall Wilson

"An incredible, fascinating tale ... Hopkins can write from his heart to his reader's soul."
— Yvonne Navarro

"A great blend of the literate and mythic, the grotesque and spellbinding."
— Charlee Jacob

"A rich work ... it should be sampled carefully, then wolfed down."
— Ed Bryant

"This is Brian's best work to date and is an award nominee for sure."
— BARYON Magazine

"A superb example of the best of the small press in action ... a gorgeous package."
— The Chiaroscuro

"Gripping ... yet another example of Brian A. Hopkins's excellent writing."
— The Alien Online

"I read, with real headlong pleasure, Brian Hopkins's EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, a fine evocation of place, character, and the Aztec mythos: a love story, a travelogue, a history lesson, a horror story, and a tragedy bundled into one compelling narrative."
— Michael Bishop

"His depictions of grief and horror are so genuine you can't help but feel them yourself. That's what good writing is all about - something for the head and something for the gut. Hopkins delivers both."
— Garrett Peck, CEMETERY DANCE

"EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is a subtle, well-crafted work of power and grace, which conveys a depth of feeling rarely displayed in genre fiction. Expertly paced, it carefully builds towards the shocking pyrotechnics of its surprising climax."
— Hank Wagner, HELLNOTES

"Probably the finest story Brian Hopkins has ever written. Intelligent and well-executed, it builds to a stunner of an ending. The horror of death is juxtaposed against the horrors of life in an enthralling story that also explores history, mythology, and profound differences between the cultures of Mexico and the US."

"...so brilliant and terrifying that I can hardly find words to describe it. If you read only one book in the year 2002, horror fans, make sure it's this one."
— J.L. Comeau, Count Gore's Creature Feature

"An ambitious work, this book, both in terms of the narrative itself and the physical presentation, highlighted by a spectacular piece of jacket art."
— Edward Bryant, LOCUS

CONGRATS to Gwen Nicklaus on winning the MUERTOS contest - she won a PC copy of the traycased lettered edition!