The Brotherhood of Mutilation (2003)
A novella by Brian Evenson

Cover and interior art by Chris Nurse

Introduction by Paul Di Filippo

SYNOPSIS: After losing a hand in a sting operation, Kline, a detective, finds himself unwillingly dragged into a secret amputation cult, recruited into a strange world in order to solve a crime whose details the self-mutilated members of the cult are strangely reluctant to discuss. As he struggles to unravel the nightmarish dynamics of the society and figure out the crime, he accidentally violates caste laws and begins to realize that he is profoundly threatened. Without question, this novella is one of the most original and disturbing takes on the detective story in recent years.

Brian Evenson's work has been called "resplendently unsettling" (Rain Taxi) and "Garcia Marquez on really, really bad acid" (New York Press). Evenson is the recipient of the O. Henry Award and a NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, has published six books and over two dozen stories, and holds a double Ph.D. in literature and critical theory. Formerly a professor at Brigham Young University, he resigned after being threatened by the faculty to temper his fiction or face dismissal. Currently he teaches at Brown University and is a senior editor at Conjunctions Magazine.

Available in two limited edition states:

300 numbered softcover chapbooks, signed by Evenson $10
15 lettered, traycased hardcovers, signed by Evenson, Paul Di Filippo, and Chris Nurse (at right)


"Precision plotting is brought to life with thought provoking, albiet occasionally demented, beliefs and musings of whether it's your choices or the actions of others that affects your fate. Five out of five stars."
— Horror-Web

"Brian Evenson has cooked up a hauntingly twisted midnight steak seared on the outside with black humor. When you slice into it be prepared for a rare taste of a society out of control. A bloody tribute to obsessions."
— Del Howison, Dark Delicacies

"Evenson's new masterpiece ... an astonishing work."
— Paul Di Filippo, from the Introduction

"Wickedly brilliant. A superb thriller that's a darker shade of noir. Brian's writing is scalpel sharp."
— Simon Clark

"[It] is thoughtful Grand Guignol - a story that triggers the gag reflex and disturbs notions of morality without losing sight of the need to entertain ... a piece of horror fiction that hurts."
— William P. Simmons

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